Are you looking for an experienced SEO WEBSITE copywriter?

Writing copy for websites requires a specific copywriting skillset, which is an area we can help you with. 

Your website used to be the window for your business -- it's now much more than that. Content marketing on your website can drive three times more leads organically than paid search.

Your website articles and website landing pages now need to be optimised for search in addition to being a great read -- so you need a good freelance SEO copywriter.

There are currently two experienced SEO freelance copywriters within our copywriting business that can help you to develop and deliver great content for your website -- turning readers into customers.

At MPH Copywriting, your freelance website copywriter will look at the keywords and phrases that they need to use for content creation, which will include how many words, title length, and even frequency of keywords.

You'll receive an optimisation score against competitors, so you can see what chance your website article and website content has of performing on Google over time.

All of our content writers are used to writing content that has a structure that is easy to read on a desktop and mobile version of your website.

You'll receive:


  • Engaging copy that is jargon-free while remaining professional in tone and language.

  • Use of researched keywords and niche, long-tail phrases to boost website traffic (SEO). 

  • An SEO-friendly structure to help Google get the full story.

  • A competitive advantage with optimisation of articles against competitors to rank on Google.

  • Optimum word length and title testing.

  • Cloud-based documents for increased collaboration and stakeholder sign off.

  • Seamless collaboration with existing teams, franchise owners, and head office functions.

Examples of SEO WRITING from MPH Copywriting