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Do you need to optimise all of the content you produce for Google?

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Do you need to optimise all of the content you produce for Google?

People might disagree here, but yes, you do need to optimise all of your content for Google.

Optimise content for Google search

Optimisation for search isn't a priority for all types of content, but it needs to be present at some level.

For instance, all content certainly needs to have an SEO-friendly structure and pass accessibility tests.

Ultimately, if you've spent time writing something (or paid a freelance copywriter), and it's going to be sat on your website, then why not optimise it so people can find it?

However, it's important to look at the objective of each piece of content to decide the level of optimisation required.

If you need more website traffic, then it makes sense to create blogs and pages that focus on some keywords and phrases to attract traffic. You're not looking to change the world in a blog or FAQs here. SEO is the focus.

On the flip side, if you're looking to talk to CEOs and get some high-level leads, then you'll probably produce a thought-leadership guide that they can download. Here gravity and quality are centre stage.

In that case, where lead gen is the objective, it's important to optimise the landing page where the guide will be downloaded more so than the guide.

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