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Blog Ideas And Free SEO Tools From MPH Copywriting

Are you struggling to think of blog titles for 2021? That’s okay -- MPH Copywriting has some exciting free content tips and tools to help you.

Blog Ideas -- Deciding What To Write

When we think of content at MPH Copywriting, we tend to go in three different directions based on the content’s objective -- yes, we know, we go on about this all of the time.

But the reason we harp on about content objectives is that it makes it easier to decide what to write and increases your chance of success -- making you look fantastic.

Here are our three main content objectives and types of content for each:

Lead generation -- the creation of blogs that have a user journey. This might be a blog that leads to a video and then a guide in exchange for an email address.

Increase website traffic with SEO -- the creation of website pages or blogs that target certain keywords, phrases, and challenges that your customers are typing into Google. These topics should be aligned with your company’s solutions and brand.

Brand awareness, education, and core values -- the creation of more topical blogs and videos that represent the core values of the business and how they align with customer challenges. Problem versus solution.

Each of the above has a different objective, which will help you focus on what each piece needs in terms of research and style.

Focus is very helpful when writing; SEO blogs can simply be a jazzed up FAQ; after all, people are looking for quick answers to their questions.

Whereas your brand pieces and topical blogs are more focussed on great writing and engaging the reader. They need to be SEO-friendly with subheaders, but the focus here is a good read.

Your lead generation will be more creative (with videos and infographics) -- they pull the reader to read more.

That’s not to say that you can't add in links into the SEO and brand pieces, in fact, we’d encourage that, but it’s simply too confusing to create one piece of content each month that ticks every box. By separating your content into three boxes, you can focus.

So if you have a sales team that needs leads -- gives them a lead generation campaign once a quarter.

If your website needs more traffic -- smash out SEO pages on common questions, and if no one gets what you do -- go for an SEO-friendly brand piece.

Our content strategies regularly feature all three!

For instance, this blog comes into the brand awareness and core values objective, as we know that marketers sometimes struggle to decide what to write (not enough time), and it’s tricky to keep up with new tools.

Construction -- metal wheel
Blog Ideas -- SEO Structure

Blog Ideas -- SEO Structure

So, if your objective is to increase website traffic, then SEO tools are perfect for finding out what people are searching for on Google -- generating content ideas that will engage people.

We structure our SEO blogs like this:

  1. What are people searching for that aligns with the company’s solutions? This helps to decide on a title.

  2. What other words and phrases are related to this subject that will increase traffic to the website? This provides the subheadings.

  3. What has already been written? Type the title into Google -- how many words did they use? Beat it -- this gives you a word count.

  4. What has the company already written that can be linked to words for further reading?

If you’re not ready to embark on high-powered SEO software, that’s okay. There are some really powerful SEO content tools out there for free.

We don’t get money for sending you to these sites -- it’s our honest review of free SEO tools. We've specifically selected sites that don't require your data (email address).

SEO content tools have really progressed over the last few years, making the art of creating content that engages people and drives organic traffic to your website easier.

So, if you have a small marketing department or you’re a one-person marketing machine, you can use these tools to help you shine.

Blog ideas -- SEO Question Generator

We fell in love with this question generator -- just look at the pretty diagrams!

It’s safe to say that we like this tool. You get a few free searches each day before you have to upgrade.

Perfect for small businesses on a budget or larger businesses that want to test the software out first.

We're not sure about the man’s face on the homepage -- all a bit Harry Potter.

Blog Ideas -- Keyword And Phrase Generator

Wow -- we use this all of the time now.

Search Volume helps you to search for up to 800 words each day to find out how many people are using those keywords in search every month.

Don’t forget to set the country before you search.

We’d advise playing around with the order of the words, as people tend to type in full sentences when searching on Google and speak like Yoda to devices like Alexa.

For instance, try ‘job search’ and ‘search jobs’ -- the difference is a quarter of a million searches.

Blog Ideas -- Title Generator

This clever little tool helps to create blog titles for you -- although it did throw up a few random options -- but that’s part of the fun.

Blog Ideas -- SEO Title Maker

Another nifty little SEO title maker that you can have fun with is Title Maker from Portent. Again there were some random titles, but some good ones too.

My personal favourite was ‘How Copywriters Can Make You Rich’. In the words of one my clients -- “This time next year, Rodney, we’ll be millionaires.”

Blog Ideas -- SEO Title Analyser

If you’ve chosen a great title, then it makes sense to analyse it, which is exactly what this free SEO tool does.

From increasing headline length, adding your brand, to limiting passive language, this tool is handy.

Have fun with your new SEO tools. :-)

MPH Copywriting

Write what you can yourself, and for everything else, there’s MPH Copywriting. :-)

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