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5 Reasons Why Your Competitor Uses A Freelance Copywriter

5 Reasons Why Your Competitor Uses A Freelance Copywriter
5 Reasons Why Your Competitor Uses A Freelance Copywriter

Have you ever wondered what a freelance copywriter does or why your competitor seems to be able to publish a vast amount of content so quickly?

5 Reasons To Use A Freelance Copywriter

  1. Top marketing agencies use freelance copywriters! By cutting out the middle person, you cut out the cost!

  2. A cheap freelance copywriter means that vast quantities of content can be created to boost SEO, increasing Google ranking.

  3. Using a copywriter on a freelance basis means that content can be agile -- you can track what topics and keywords are trending and respond quickly.

  4. A freelance copywriter can write quickly, accurately, and engage a reader fast -- saving lots of time that can be spent on strategy rather than writing.

  5. A content writer isn’t an employee, so the budget can go up and down. You only pay a writer for great content, and they work hard to impress you -- they want your business.

Cut out the middle person -- cut the cost with a freelance copywriter

That doesn’t mean you don’t need a marketing agency, of course, you do. But you don’t have to use their writers. So, you can get all of the strategy and a mass of content -- sounds savvy.

Freelance copywriters are used by marketing and content agencies across the globe -- they employ editorial managers, not writers. Why? They like specialist writers for each of their clients, so prefer freelance copywriters.

Create large quantities of SEO content with a freelance copywriter

There is a method in your competitor’s decisions. If you’re accessing cheaper content without sacrificing quality, you can produce more articles. Ultimately, the more keywords and relevant content you post, the greater the chance of your Google ranking improving or someone engaging with your brand.

Agile content using a copywriter freelance

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we all need to be able to move quickly when it comes to our customer’s needs, interests, and challenges.

In fact, some of the biggest names in content marketing have recently published thoughts, which all carry the same theme -- agility and audience.

Though technology in the content space moves quickly, the audience remains. Many huge brands have had to reassess their audience’s needs -- scrapping previous behaviours. One example of this is the fashion industry’s move to leisurewear and the financial services industry’s move to customer check-ins.

Sometimes there just isn’t time to plan in a complex marketing campaign -- we need to quickly publish content that means something today, not in two months.

A freelance copywriter can write quickly

In support of the above, a freelance writer is quick -- often pushing out thousands of words every day.

Quick copywriting that doesn’t compromise on quality is powerful for businesses, as content can be pushed out in a timely manner. For some industries, such as recruitment, the early bird catches the worm, so response time to publish a job advertisement is critical.

A content writer isn’t an employee, so the budget can go up and down

Another benefit of having a freelance copywriter on your books is that you have no fixed costs, so you can decrease or increase content production at any time.

MPH Copywriting has two award-winning freelance copywriters in the UK that can help you with all of your content writing requirements.

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