Writing copy for websites requires a specific copywriting skillset, which is an area we can help you with. 

Your website used to be the window for your business -- it's now much more than that. Content marketing on your website can drive three times more leads organically than paid search.

Your website articles and website landing pages now need to be optimised for search in addition to being a great read -- so you need a good freelance SEO copywriter.

There are currently two experienced SEO freelance copywriters within our copywriting business that can help you to develop and deliver great content for your website -- turning readers into customers.

At MPH Copywriting, your freelance website copywriter will look at the keywords and phrases that they need to use for content creation, which will include how many words, title length, and even frequency of keywords.

You'll receive an optimisation score against competitors, so you can see what chance your website article and website content has of performing on Google over time.

All of our content writers are used to writing content that has a structure that is easy to read on a desktop and mobile version of your website.

If you need to hire a copywriter freelance for your website content -- you're in the right place. We recently achieved a 1 in 10 conversion rate for our client.


Types of copywriting: Landing page copywriting


If you want to maximise the potential of your marketing campaign, asking a freelance copywriter to write a landing page for your business needs to be top of your list.

A landing page enables you to have a dedicated page on your website to add your content so that when your customers click on one of your social media or paid adverts, they are taken straight to an informative page. 

Landing pages make the whole customer experience better -- no one wants to have to click around a website to find the content they need.

You can optimise your landing page for search by using keywords and phrases that relate to the content. 

Your freelance copywriter can read a thought-leadership article or guide for you, which you can then add to the landing page alongside an email capture form so that you can obtain leads for every download of the guide. 

If you need to hire a copywriter freelance to create landing page content, then you'll be happy to know we can help. We recently helped a client with a website landing page and a thought-leadership guide, which produced a number of quality leads.

Types of copywriting: Email copywriting

Email copywriting is now an art form when it comes to content creation. 

Using data, our freelance copywriters can work out the optimal length and format for your email campaigns. 

Your email copywriter can then write sequences for you, so you can follow up your emails and convert readers into customers.

Watching statistics carefully, your freelance writer will improve on each email campaign each time.

If you need a copywriter freelance for email copywriting, we can help.

Types of copywriting: Thought-leadership guide copywriting

At MPH Copywriting, you'll find a recruitment copywriter, an insurance copywriter, a fintech copywriter, and a financial services copywriter that can produce a thought-leadership piece that has the gravity to position your business as an authority on the topic.

From content creation that is engaging to hiring a copywriter who is happy to research and interview leaders in their field -- we'll go the extra mile to ensure your thought-leadership piece is worth sharing.

Are you looking to hire a thought-leadership copywriter freelance? We recently produced a successful piece for a recruitment business -- take a look. We excel at lead conversion content writing.

Types of copywriting: Social media copywriting

No time to write your social media copy? No worries -- we're professional social media writers.

You'll receive engaging social media posts that will make your followers want to click and share. 

We will research keywords and competitors, so your posts will get seen by your target audience.


We can write batch social media posts for your business if you need a copywriter freelance.

Types of copywriting: Customer storY copywriting

Customer stories can form a great part of your customer's journey. 

If a customer likes a blog or social media post and clicks on your website, they'll be looking to establish TRUST. 

Trust is established with reviews and customer testimonials -- the more information, the better. 

Our customer story writers also perform interviews with your customers, so you can really get to the bottom of why they like you. 

Let us know if you need a copywriter freelance for customer stories.

Types of copywriting: Blog post copywriting

Do you need a blog article or news article written for you? Great. 

We've been successfully blog writing for over ten years, so we know how to structure your Title, H1, and H2s, what keywords to add, and how long your blog articles should be, so your SEO is covered. 

Your blogs will also be a great read. You can read our copywriting advice blogs here.

Get in touch to find a copywriter freelance for your blog.

Types of copywriting: Product description copywriting

Do you need a product description copywriter? 

MPH Copywriting can write all of your product descriptions and even upload them to your website on your content management system. 

We will look at your competitors and use data to help us understand what keywords and terms need to be used to help your product rank on Google and your e-commerce website. 

We can provide a copywriter freelance for your product descriptions -- get in touch here.

Types of copywriting: Creative writing


Creative copywriting for advert and marketing campaigns requires a writer to step into the shoes of your customer. 

From creating show-stopping headlines, copywriting TV adverts and scripts to coming up with a new product slogan -- MPH Copywriting is here for you. 

We can provide you will a full brand workshop and work with your team to generate ideas, understand core values, and explore customer challenges. MPH Copywriting is a global brand -- working with some of the biggest organisations in the world.

We can provide a copywriter freelance for your creative projects -- get in touch here.


Do you need to get the attention of hiring managers, attract the attention of potential candidates, or even pitch a candidate speculatively into a company?

We write compelling and search-optimised adverts that will attract the best candidates -- our record is over 90% against competitors. We've found that it reduces the reliance on Indeed and other job sites, so you can save money and achieve more.

In addition, we also write candidate mailers that highlight a potential candidate's fit to a prospective employer. We have an excellent track record on employment offers.

We can provide a copywriter freelance for your recruitment adverts and mailers -- get in touch here.

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