Updated: Feb 14

How to ensure your website content and blogs are making Google's new BERT algorithm happy in five easy steps.

Time for a content audit to check for BERT issues. In fact, it's not only BERT issues, but generally making sure your content is awesome.

1. Are you using H Tags? H tags are the headers and subheaders that include corresponding keywords, the are called H1 (header 1), H2 (header 2), so on. They are hugely important as they help Google to understand what you are writing about, the structure, and whether it will help the person searching for answers.

2. Check out relevance. Be careful not to make titles too fancy, being sure to add your keywords not only in the title, but the H2 and H3s too. Is the content relevant to the title? Sounds like a no brainer, right? Nope. Google doesn't like to send people on to link bait where blogs are stuffed with keywords. Talk about the topic -- otherwise, you'll find Google goes to sleep after 500 words. Relevance is vital.

3. Conversation. Yep, have a chat on your blogs. When it comes to informal content, you can add your personality and boost your SEO with chatty content. Try asking questions and answering them. Grammar is essential here, so keep it professional, just a little more business meeting conversational than policy drawl.

4. Boost the word count. Although micro moments, or speedy content like this have their place, you'll also need to add 1000-word plus content to your website to start snatching a share of the traffic.

5. Authority. The back links to your website are often called your authority. The more you have, the better. Broken links or links to dodgy sites can also have the opposite impact, as you would imagine.

Now go audit and shake hands with BERT.

Wondering how your content strategy is performing? Take the content test to find out (coming soon).


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