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3 Tips To Build Your Email List (Today)

You’ll learn how to use content freebies to build your email list.

"One Day. Two Links. 785% Increase in Conversions." Backlinko

As you probably know, giving freebies away (eguides and the like) has long been a key way to get people to sign up for your email newsletter. But, times are changing (slightly).

If you’re not getting the same results from your email lists, I’ve got you covered.

This is a how-to guide for building an email list from a blog with relevant freebies. The best part? It’s not too technical – so you can start doing it today.

So, if you like being ahead of the game, you’ll love this.

Bonus (3 more tips): Download the full 6 Tips To Build Your Email List.

3 Tips To Build Your Email List (Today)

People don't always want a huge guide -- they want a bit more info linked to your blog.

If readers like your content -- you can give away extra information in exchange for an email address.

Unlike signing up to a general newsletter -- the reader already knows what type of content they will receive (or expect to receive).

This is based on trust, so once you have their email address, send them what they are expecting (educational content in this case).

The first stage of collecting more email list subscribers is thinking about why people would want to receive emails from you or your business.

What are you giving them?

In general, people like to be entertained, inspired, or educated.

Education is the sweet spot for building email lists and giving away freebies.


People like to learn -- for their work -- for themselves -- for others.

The second stage of building email lists is finding an educational topic that helps with a problem -- such as struggling to build an email list.

Try to stick to an industry and area of expertise that links with your job or hobby -- something you excel at -- where you can add real value.

Nothing grinds peoples' gears more than an obvious grab at an email address with zero knowledge on the topic.

The third stage of building an email list is to start blogging and creating content.

You can do this on your website or through a blogging site externally.

The aim of the game is to help people and tease a topic (with a view to enticing a download for the full story or to get extras).

You then need to create a piece of content from the content tips below and link it to your blog. A button is handy or a text 'download' link.

I've created this blog to demonstrate the full process.

Here's an example of the button you could use for extra content in exchange for an email address.

The final stage of building an email list is to add a form or landing page link to your blog to obtain the extra information in exchange for an email address.

This is a bit more technical, but there are apps attached to your website to help you.

I get five free forms (email capture) with my Wix subscription.

> I created a landing page (hidden from public view) with a new form. Here's the one I created for the purpose of this blog --

> I created another page (hidden from public view) with the PDF tips on and linked the page (web address) from the submit button on the form. Otherwise, you pay extra to add PDFs in Wix.

So, now all you need is the tips on what type of content to create.

Lady with a camera doing a video
3 Tips To Build Your Email List (Today)

#1 Tip: A few more tips to build your email list

When it comes to content, you don’t have to give away too much extra to attract an email subscriber – a few more tips can do it.

Why does it work?

I was sitting in a martial arts centre waiting room the other day, and I got talking to someone who told me that they were once “chased by the devil”.

The kids all started piling out of the dojo at the end of class, and I didn’t get to ask him about his story.

I had to wait until the following week to find out what happened – it almost killed me.

So, it’s all about feeling that you haven’t got the full story or that you might miss something great.

Brian Dean from Backlinko (now part of Semrush) calls this a Content Upgrade.

#2 Tip: Create a downloadable PDF to build your email list

You might not think that a downloadable PDF of your blog would make people give you their email address, but it does.

Have you ever tried to find something awesome that you’ve read and given up ten minutes later? I have. You also want to stay connected to people that can help you.

A PDF is easier for people to store and, dare I say – print.

You'll also find that these PDFs will pop up in company meetings as proof of concept – helping a marketing executive prove why the business should be doing something differently.

#3 Tip: Create a video to build your email list

You don’t always get to cover everything in a blog – mostly because it can take time or resources to type.

A video version of your blog (vlog) or a video of you chatting about the topic can add a little personality to the topic.

You can dive a bit deeper into the nitty-gritty of your subject.

Bonus (3 more tips): Download the full 6 Tips To Build Your Email List.

So, which tip are you going to implement today? A quick PDF or a video?

MPH Copy is a freelance copywriting service that supports your content needs. Get in touch if you’d like a chat. No, seriously, it doesn’t even have to be about content.

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