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Developing a content strategy will be the most successful decision you make. A basic session for a startup takes four hours and includes a full presentation/PDF on findings plus a six-month plan of action.  A more comprehensive strategy for large brands takes three days onsite.

A content strategy gives thought to: 

Your current goals and reality

What are you trying to achieve?

Where are you now in terms of achieving those goals?

Buyer persona and branding

Who are your customers?

What are their challenges?

How can my products or services help to solve them?

Why should potential customers choose my organisation?

Industry trends

What opportunities are there?

What's happening in my industry?

What are people talking about?

Are there any statistics that can be used?

Strategy and implementation

What messages do I need to use to deliver the above?

When do I need to send them and through what channels?

How can I take my potential customers on a journey to converted leads?


How can I learn and analyse return on investment?

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