Buyer persona research

If you've watched any advert recently, you'll have noticed how emotional and personal they have become. For instance, consider a scene highlighting a kitchen as the hub of the home that has seen both family rows and first steps -- you are witnessing the power of buyer persona research.

No one wants to know about the minutiae detail of your products and services, they want to know what they solve. Your prospective customer might not even know they have a problem or how better their life could be with your solution until you show them in pictures and words.


What is a buyer persona?


A buyer persona goes beyond your target audience -- it's a deep dive into who they are as a person. A buyer persona isn't data or statistics and it's certainly not profiling. By understanding what truly makes people happy and sad, we appeal to a person's emotions. 

It has long been said by selling consultants that organisations shouldn't be afraid to sell. The art is to understand the challenge or problem and see if your product or service is a good fit. 

How is buyer persona research conducted?

Incentivised interviews are the best way to get to know a person. Having conducted buyer persona research for over ten years, the following approach works:

£50 voucher for Amazon

£50 donation to a charity of the participant's choice

Desk-based research is then conducted and a buyer persona document produced.

How does buyer persona research influence a content strategy?

From the messages you craft to the user journey, a content strategy is developed by first knowing people.


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